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Programming languages: Developers reveal what they love and loathe, and what pays best

Coding question-and-answer site Stack Overflow has released the results of its 2020 survey of nearly 65,000 developers, revealing their favorite and most dreaded programming languages, tools and frameworks.

Can't believe C and Assembly are dreaded. Thanks for the article.
This year 86% of respondents say they are keen to use Rust, while 67.1% want to use TypeScript, and 66.7% want to use Python.

If I want to have million dollars, does that make me a millionaire?

The grass is always greener on the other side. Or in other words, we do not always like what we do and believe that doing something else would be less repulsive.

Some of us. Some are perfectly happy as is. Must be colour-blind ...
Can't believe C and Assembly are dreaded. Thanks for the article.

I believe it. A lot of 'developers' want to use 'do it all for you' languages. Hence the popularity of python, which is awful (sorry, but who thought indent/whitespace aware syntax was a good idea?) and sluggish (without alternate versions) but can do a lot with near zero skill/knowledge.
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back in 2015, that survey had "C++11" as a separate language in the "loved/dreaded/wanted" tables, and it beat Rust: https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2015#tech-super
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It's a strange survey, isn't it? Most people say they prefer Rust, yet most people have never used Rust. I'm not sure what conclusions can be drawn from this, other than "these are the languages with the best marketing".
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Yea, we all know that guy :P Shows up, asks what you use, and then has the response "Ah. I prefer (insert coolest sounding new language name of the day) myself" said with that air of "how quaint, he still uses X".
yet most people have never used Rust

to be fair, the table is defined in the survey as “% of developers who are developing with the language or technology and have expressed interest in continuing to develop with it".

There is a separate table for "% of developers who are not developing with the language or technology but have expressed interest in developing with it", and Rust is way lower there, at #5 with 14% such developers in the 2020 survey
Oh, I take it back, then. I was going on comments I had heard elsewhere, since I didn't care enough to read the article.
Can't believe C and Assembly are dreaded.

I can believe it. Too many programmers don't like the power to screw up, forcing them to be better. They don't want to bring their "A" game.

I am not a professional programmer, just a self-taught hobbyist. I don't need to chase the latest fad.

So that potentially makes me less likely to get a job as a programmer. MEH!
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