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The C++ Introduction Rhyme/Rap, by Nohbdy

// This is a song I literally just started about an hour or less ago, I like rhyming, and educational things, so here's a combo! ^.^ Oh and it's unfinished, I will keep adding more to it! It's also meant to be more for humor, but I know it will help my friends understand better at least. Also, I'm not sure how fluid you will interpret it, but it does have a rhythm(changes sometimes, but that's normal right?). I've got quite a few songs I've always wanted to music-ify, so someday this might become some form of audio.

// Here it is so far:

So madam or sir, how were the stirs of the past?
Oh okay hold on, I think I'm going too fast.
Go and get a drink, take a seat on the bus-
Buster: now muster! But don't raise a fuss, er...
I'm gonna get you ready now, and try not to cuss,
unless you must, this is just... an intro on 'C++'.

'C' double.. no, single!- 'O' 'U' 'T',
is the first of some keywords that you must see.
A 'keyword' is a word that makes something happen,
you gotta follow the 'syntax' or else you're just fappin'.
You need notepad or an 'editor', which can be like a node,
integregrated in 'compilers' that 'compile' your 'code'.
You're gonna have to download one, preferrably free,
so go and Google: "free C++ IDE".
I can't explain it all, because there's too many specifics,
you gotta learn yourself, remember Google's terrific.

I'm on 32-bit Windows, my IDE is "Code::Blocks",
Open up a new project for 'Win32 Console', it rocks.
The text area of 'main.cpp' is where you'll find keywords like 'cout',
but there's a bit more typed code that needs talking about.

One of the very first things you'll need to type is 'pound include'[#include],
followed by a 'less than' sign, and the opposite too.
In between these two symbols, type "iostream" and get out,[#include<iostream>]
this 'includes' a 'header file' that gives you access to 'cout'.

// End, unfinished and may change any moment. (I can't wait to see how far I can take this lmao, maybe I'll teach myself something)

// EDIT: Got a new compooter sooo... computer comes first lol, rhyme finishing comes later!
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// (Reserved Space) //
/cplusplus/forum/lounge/30771.cpp: In function 'int rap()':
/cplusplus/forum/lounge/30771.cpp:8: error: 'cout' is not a keyword
/cplusplus/forum/lounge/30771.cpp:19: error: 'cout' is not a keyword
/cplusplus/forum/lounge/30771.cpp:24: warning: 'cout' is a member of the namespace std

Aside from that, I'm amused. :)

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I would love to hear/see this super gangster-fied XD
I could see Weird Al doing it.

Or maybe Insane Clown Posse.
ICP are too busy studying beginners' magnetism at the moment.
// *gasp* Silly me, I'm absurd, cout is not a keyword! So it's a 'member' of a namespace, if correctly I've heard. Thank you for the info, Boss(I mean Albatross), but now I'll have to see you later since I'm visiting moss.. I'm going up to a cabin, my C++ books I'll be grabbin', to learn the ways of technology with nature 'round me all blabbin'. There's lots of code to be written, my new computer be sittin', all alone it will be home with only kittens from the kitchen.

// Well now I've gotta go pack, plug in my headphone-y jack, listen to Japanese anime music and that's that, I'll be back!
Nohbdy wrote:
only kittens from the kitchen
You had kittens for dinner, too?

'nyways, keep up the rhyming Shizzle The Frizzle Skizzle.
I wrote a rap, but it doesn't have to do with c++.

working at hardee's steak and gravy biscuits
sitting at home munching on triscuits

going to college failing chemistry
e'erybody knows my grade lower than D

used to smoke weed now I gotta quit
mom found my stash then she flushed it

I have more, but I don't remember it all
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