I need a power supply and confused with compatibility

I have an older HP. It's a a1034n and it's got a Hipro HP-D2537F3R power supply on it, but it's been going dead lately and I want to get a new one before it damages anything. Anyways, I found two power supplies on Newegg that I'm stuck between and I don't know if they would be compatible. Thanks for any help!



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I'll follow Newegg names to make it better.

1. Make sure the Type is the same or compatible with your case.
2. Make sure the Main Connector matches your motherboard. I only know of 20+ pin mobo's. If it says 20+4, it means it can be on either 20 or 24 pin motherboards.
3. Make sure its SLI ready IF you are running multiple video cards.
4. Make sure you have enough juice. If your not running anything extensive, those you gave are almost overkill.
5. Make sure Effeciency is high. The higher it is, the lower your electric bill will be.
6. Make sure it has enough connectors and wiring to satisfy you.
7. Last but not least, make sure everything checks out and check reviews. I did not list everything here as most of the others are standard in any decent PSU but its probably best to check if you're going to deck out some money.
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