iTunes problem

It seems that at some times my iTunes freezes up. It only happens when iTunes is minimised. I think it may have have something to do with the pop-up that comes up asking if you want the new version, the music playing plus the the minimisation,which to my understanding puts the program on a lower priority. As I have observed music playing at the time of the pop-up causes iTunes to slow that and the lower priority of the minimisation equals freeze. But I'm not sure if that is the cause, any help?

p.s. When it freezes I get a windows classic theam on the iTunes.
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Window$ or OSX?
Windows 7 with a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @2.40 GHz 2.40GHz, 2GB of ram and a 32bit OS
Well have you looked at your processes under taskmgr to see what's taking up your cpu? It could be quite a few other things, I suppose it's *possible* but not likely that you have a piggybacking virus.


I would actually recommend not using iTunes on any win computer, it tends to be laggy no matter what you're playing. I really like this player:

If you're adventurous you can actually make your own mp3 player with the bass lib:

If you have all your music in iTunes, you can convert everything to mp3 with audacity:
(you probably want the beta version)
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Problem 1: You are using iTunes
Problem 2: You are using iTunes on WINDOWS

Solution: Download Winamp and manage your iPod with that. Not only does it support more formats and and transcode to an iPod compatible format during sync, it treats an iPod like any other drag-n-drop music player and doesn't tie you down to a single music library (I can go to a friend's house and use Winamp to transfer his music to my iPod). Not to mention the insane amount of plugins and skins...

Winamp demolishes iTunes.
Foobar2000 > Winamp.
But when I'm using Linux (most of the time)... Banshee media player is, by far, the best. I'm fairly sure it doesn't work on Windows, which is why I use Foobar2000 for now...
I should try Foobar2000.

If only the name didn't suck so hard.
Yeah. Banshee sounds so cool... brings thoughts of wailing ghosts...

I don't have an iPod, I'm talking about on the computer.
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Then why are you even bothering with the bloated crapware that is iTunes? Download Winamp or Foobar2000 and never use Apple's terrible bloated Windows ported software ever again, problem solved.
Uninstall and reinstall--should do the trick. iTunes definitley takes up a lot of space, do you have a lot of stuff on your hard drive?
Problem 1: You are using iTunes

so true, itunes is so proprietary its not even funny and ipods are to expensive anyway i just get a mp3 player from office depot for $60 and it is just as good as an ipod
Apple is all about branding. If you own an Apple product you are considered the "elite" possibly because of your affordability power for expensive stuff and a "class" over others. At least that is how I feel in my country. I strongly believe I can find cheap and sometimes even better substitutes than what Apple has to offer.

The only thing I applaud Apple is their innovative. But for all their innovate-ness, they just price themselves out of my personal reach as very soon copy-cats will crept up and swallow them. It is just a matter of time. Their ideas can earn monies in short run but never long run.

Purely my few cents worth of opinion :)
I love the smell of techno-bigotry in the morning.
I look up bigotry wikipedia haha... well let's just say I am an ardent Open Source supporter cum developer. Anything that need to pay monies I am very skeptical. Although I know there is no free lunch in this world but is the amount demanded by the brand justifiable?

I guess each individual has their own threshold and I would say paying those amount to get the features are not justifiable. Most of the cost goes into advertising, branding and other non-technical related matters. So essentially consumers are not just buying the product and features but also to pay the paycheck for the whole chain of personnel involved in design,manufacture,sell,advertise etc etc.

The same goes for other branded non-IT products too. Manufacture in developing nations, send to US,Europe etc get a certified chop and sell for that certified chop pricing. It is no wonder those companies toiling at the back line is coming forward for a share of the market they rightly deserve.

I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

Grey wolf, you do know the definition of bigotry, this I'm sure. And yet you claimed without a doubt in a previous thread that comparing a non Mac PC to a Mac PC based on their specs was like comparing a BMW to a toyota* because they both have 4 tires and similar shaped engines.

It would appear to onlookers that you are unable to accept that a mac is more expensive than a completely identical computer without an apple logo.
This assumption could of course be wrong, but from all the posts you've made regarding Mac Vs. Non Mac that I've seen this would stand true.

*couldn't remember the brand you said.

edit: I understand that Apple is a business and businesses are around to make money and provide a service/product of some kind. But statistics don't lie, and their portion of the market share is not a sad coincidence. The fact of the matter is selling a completely equivalent product for higher prices is a bad business model. And if history has shown us anything with computer hardware, it's that proprietary hardware has rarely been a good thing. It means less competition (if any) and spiked prices.

Edit edit: fixed a typo

Disclaimer: I have no problem with the mac, at all. If people want to buy them that's great. I like that it's introducing the computer illiterate to the computer world. But I personally enjoy the pleasure I get from shopping for my own parts, and assembling them my self. That's just me.
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The claim in the 'previous thread' was a specific PC compared with a specific Mac not the comparison of PCs and Macs in general. The point being that you should not compare anything on the merest vainer of specifications. I know that Macs are not cheap but then neither are good PCs.

I my office I have a number of PCs, two of them have a very similar spec in terms of processor hard drive amount of ram (the sort of things they were being compared in the thread you mentioned). The cost of the two PCs differs considerably and in performance terms they also differ considerably, I would also say that comparing these two PCs would be like comparing a BMW and a Toyota purely on the grounds of having four wheel...

That was not a bigoted response, so I would thank you for not insinuating that I am a hypocrite.

The fact of the matter is selling a completely equivalent product for higher prices is a bad business model.

And yet there it is...unless of course they are not completely equivalent or they are not substantially different in price. I have yet to see anyone who makes the claim about "a completely equivalent product for higher prices" supply any form of substantive proof of the claim. I am more than willing to change my opinion on this but every time I have compared systems (to my level of satisfaction), similar specs are similar prices. If you have lower standards of equivalence you may see different results.

Edit For clarity:
Bigotry Synonyms: prejudice, intolerance, bias, narrow-mindedness

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Retailers that sell the High end PC at great prices, this is true. But if you cut out the middle man, build it your self, it will be cheaper in the end. I know this is the nature of economics, do it your self if you have the know how and it will cost less. But I have yet to see substantial proof that similar specs have similar prices in all cases. The high end macs are about the same as the high end PC if you buy from a retailer. but for the mid ground, what most people can afford anyways, all I've ever seen is a gap that isn't worth the product.

Another Thread wrote:
[quote=Seraphimsan]Here is an Lenovo laptop that's almost equivilant.
GreyWolf wrote:
Don't make me laugh.
Seraphimsan wrote:
If you compared Desktop non mac pc, to a mac personal computer, you'd find the gap to be even greater.

GreyWolf wrote:

Compare the 'basics' of spec like that is like comparing a BMW and Skoda by saying they both have similar capacity engines, they both have four wheels, seat five people...

This is the post in the thread I was referencing for anyone who's interested.

EDIT: By nature humans are bias, it is impossible to be unbiased completely. Albeit you were not being a bigot (IMHO a slur on some ones integrity) You are in fact bias. Saying otherwise is asinine and plain wrong. I will admit that I am biased in my view on this debate, Because I enjoy the feeling I get when I put together my Own computer, and as they maintain their current business model that wont be a reality for strictly mac users.
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I still don't see that as a bigoted response in the context of the thread. The spec of the Lenovo did not measure up very well against the stated MacBook. It may have been bullish. :0)
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