Is game engine making hard?

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Any ways those previous explanations are nice, although I lag skills at how to update screen coordinates.

So if you could do me one last favor, besides helping me understand how to draw a bitmap to a window, could you explain to me how adjusting each coordinates and operations along with the control of a player in a game engine can be repainted on to a window? I have no idea how to repaint windows and update their focus with new things added to them.

I tried asking in the Windows section but literally no one answers.
You will need to have a constant source of tutorials and sample code to build the various pieces of your engine.

Secondly, & - Timing between frames for rendering proper at a known FPS to do interpolation on movements etc. & - For understanding how to make 3D co-ordinates to 2D space (the screen) and transformations between the different spaces. - The Game Loop, used to drive the core of your game and dispatch calls to render to the screen, update objects, do collision detection etc

Thirdly, You need to have a very good understanding of general software development techniques and principles. is the Wiki entry page for GameDev.

I'd also suggest you start learning an existing engine, or doing some OpenGL tutorials if you still want to progress with developing your own.

Now, I've pretty much provided resources for all of your questions. If you don't use these resources to learn what you need to do, then really there is no way you will ever complete such a complicated project as this.

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