Funny autocompletes

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1) Go to
2) Type in "what is"
3) Read the 1st suggestion in the auto-complete that pops up
4) Laugh
5) Think about it some more
6) Feel sad/disappointed in humanity

EDIT: oh man... then there's #5 on the auto complete list....


I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the "who is" autocompletes. XD Oh man.
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"How to" #2 and "how do I" #1 make me think "if you have to ask here, you shouldn't do it".
check this out.. type in "when is" # 2 is for helios and #5 is for disch..
Guess what "where is" #1 is.
For some reason nothing pops up for me?
"what is" #1 -> what is justin biebers phone number
"what is" #5 -> what is justin biebers cell number
"how to" #1 -> how to kiss
"how to" #2 -> how to get pregnant
"when is" #2 -> when is the best time to get pregnant
"when is" #5 -> when is justin bieber birthday
"where is" #1 -> where is justin bieber right now
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O my, the world might actually end soon...
About that, see "why is", "is the", and "what will".
For some reason nothing pops up for me?

Are you using Chrome? (zing)
Disch wrote:
Are you using Chrome? (zing)

I was, and it popped up for me :P
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No I'm using Opera 11.
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In Google, type do you and see #4. Somebody's lonely.
"Is ", #1. The wierdest one I've seen so far.
"is kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler"

@Framework, I get "do you underline book titles"
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Browni, do you use SRWare Iron?

That's actually the name of several songs.
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Google, "why does my". #3 LMAO! #5 sad.

#2 Why does my dog eat poop?
Hell, don't forget #4. Basically they are all funny except #1.
Look up why is...
Which one do you refer to? "Why is my computer so slow"? I bet the "I'm Feeling Lucky" page would be :P
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