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is programming a doomed future do to outsourced contracts

Is programming a doomed future do to people outsourcing the work they need to have done. why pay a small programming groups thousands when they can email the design docs to someone in india and have them do it for 1/10th the cost then email the docs and code back. no travel required. Is this really a big concern?
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What do you mean by doomed? From what I've seen lately, freelancing is the future of quite a chunk of programming jobs.

*Edit - Programmers are a dime a dozen in most of the world anymore. If one wants to make a killer living, try plumbing. Plumbers in my area (Northeast United States) make 100-300% more hourly than the average programmer does.
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I make my living freelancing, working from home.

If it's not to personal, I would find it interesting to know how much money you can expect from a month of freelancing?
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Not if you live in India.

king214: My best project so far payed USD 8/hr, or about USD 1600 a month.
Not all development is outsourced. There are numerous factors that determine whether to outsource a project and cost is just one of them. I do quite a bit of consulting (12 years now) and, in the US, you can earn substantially more than a salaried developer. It simply depends on the company and project.

Depending on the type of project, a senior level developer can stand to earn between $75/hr - $150/hr consulting. Their are some... unsavory aspects of consulting that some may find unacceptable. My recommendation is to always find full time employment.
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It varies on the project, I have a few recurring projects with some smallish companies which can net me about ~1350 a week depending on the work involved. I've done smallish websites for local start up companies, and that nets me about 450$ a week.

It's not a very stable living, I get more of the 500$ contracts then the 1350$ ones, but I seem to make enough to get by with a moderate lifestyle.

I live in Canada.
Best to work for contractors at a salary if anything - steady income until the contract is revoked or expired. Current one I am at has been going for 12 years now. 65k / year
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It's not remotely doomed. Programmers are not fungible even sitting in the same office, and are certainly not fungible across thousands of miles and time zones.

There are some programming tasks that can be done by someone you've never met, who has no investment in the company and can be described very precisely with a simple, very easily understood set of requirements and constraints. Those could be outsourced well. Other programming tasks cannot be so easily done by someone on the other side of the planet working in task isolation.

Not like I'm skilled enough at all to do any professional work "in the field", but some day... (maybe...[hopefully...])

Best to work for contractors at a salary if anything - steady income until the contract is revoked or expired. Current one I am at has been going for 12 years now. 65k / year

Pardon me for asking but in your country, does contractor comes with benefit like say medical,hospitalization,annual leave,bonus etc welfare ?

In my country, they remove all that and replace them with a higher pay-check so monetary-wise it is equivalent or even poor-er off for the simple fact medical and hospitalization fees are not heavily subsidized by my government. We need fork out heavy sums unless we bought some sort of medical insurance on our own monies that is.
@Luc Lieber

Plumbers are so much paid because everyone wanted to be a programmer instead of plumber or the like. So you(Northeast United States) have probably plenty of programmers, and no plumbers. Come to my country or any other South-east Europe country and you will be making a living alright as a programmer, even a bad one!

And for the topic it self: I like the image of us programmers fighting for a project in the completely outsourced world. We will be the modern-time adventurers, never in the same place, never doing the same stuff for the same people, and always uncertain for you future. Sounds fun to me! :]
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