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I've begun taking classes towards an Assoc. Degree in Computer Science. My question is are companies hiring people with an Assoc. that are continuing to persue a Bach.? I can only go to school part time, so I'm trying to get an idea of how long I'll be in college. Thank you in advance for any information.
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It really depends on how good you are imo. If you can prove that your good at development or whatever you major in then you should be ok.

Giving current economic climate though, it'd be a few years before I'd be asking this.
I just didn't want to get my hopes up and recieve my assoc. degree, then have to do another 3-4 years for my Bach.
Go for your bachleors. You will have better oppurtunities down the road. I was facing the same scenario as you. All of the jobs in my area like PNNL or Energy Northwest require a bachleors or higher.
Yeah, that's what it's looking like here, too. I'm going to complete my degree program. I just wish I could get out of my current job while finishing my bachleors.
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