How much time do you spend each week on learning C++?

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I can only concentrate for short times at the moment and try and do only 1 hour a day. I keep this up but wished i could spend more hours on learning. How much time do you spend on learning C++?
No time at all. I already know most of the stuff I have to know, the things I don't know I learn when I need to.
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I rarely "learn" C++ anymore, although there are always a few "gotchas" I need to hit up the references or standard for from time to time.

Most of my time is spent writing productive code.
I spend about 2-3 hours each day... :)
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I would say that I spent an hour or two a day for a couple years. Now I sit around at work for 8 hours a day forgetting it all.
Generally a couple minutes- if I forget something or need to look something up (for instance iter_swap() I looked up yesterday- and managed to corrupt my heap with it in combination with pop_back() in a vector) But I don't spend any more time learning c++ itself, Other libraries on the other hand, more time than I care to mention.
14 hours a week, 2 hours a day from 10pm to midnight every night. You never stop learning C++ as there is always better ways to be found on how to do things. If you think you know C++ language then it is time to start learning other things like building complex software, libraries, game engines, etc. With as huge as the base is for C++ you can go into any thing to learn more (socket programming, driver development, making your own SDKs, etc).
Way less time than I wish I spent.
I've stayed relatively up to date on what's been cooking with the C++11 standard, so there isn't really much more to learn in terms of language features. I can by no means recite the ISO paper by heart (nor have I read it in any detail), but most of the time now I spend on learning new idioms. Over the past month, I've dived into the boost::asio internals to see what's to learn from it.
Although, like many others here, I no longer study the syntax of C++; I have recently started running my code through OllyDbg in order to see how some of my more common operations get reduced and spit out. I can tell you that this can be some what heartbreaking to see what I thought was a function clever enough to deserve it's own header become reduced to "Why didn't you just do this JackA--?" by the compiler. And even though this is by far the most tedious and frustrating thing that has ever managed to hold my interest I feel like it's beneficial overall. So in this way I guess I spend about an hour or so each day learning new things about C\C++ and Assembly. Don't do this if you are a beginner, it will ruin the hobby for you.
Just for the record, my studying was well beyond syntax--design patters and most of the C++ In-Depth series books can take you to the expert level.
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