Dennis Ritchie Rest in Peace

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Turns out last week was a really tough week for the tech world. I just found out that Dennis Ritchie died on the 8th (last saturday). As he was lead a primarily private life I'm glad his death didn't get the coverage that Steve Jobs' did, but honestly it's hard to imagine the level of impact his work has had either directly or by extension on the computing world. I would loved to have been able to shake his hand and say to him "thank you for C, and all that you contributed to foundation of Unix"
DMR RIP and thanks for C.

UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity.
Dennis Ritchie
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#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
  return 0;

No! :(

R.I.P. ;__;
Yay to his life. Meh to his death. Yuck to this thread.

I actually agree with how you feel about all three things. I hadn't intended for this thread to become a 'pay homage to the dead' sort of thing.
I hadn't intended for this thread to become a 'pay homage to the dead' sort of thing.
didnt see that coming :(

Sucks that he died. Won't pay homage to him because technology has shown us that if he or Jobs hadn't developed what they did someone else would have.
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I hadn't intended for this thread to become a 'pay homage to the dead' sort of thing.

But that's exactly what your title and initial post does...?
Title yes, I didn't think the post did.
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You're kidding right? Your entire second half of the post is about thanking him for his contributions to computing...if that's not paying homage...then...whatever.
Eh, I used the wrong term there... I was referring to the whole "RIP We'll miss you" sorta crap.
Don't want to start an argument, but I'd say that Steve Jobs is nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to Dennis Ritchie.

I seriously believe that anybody could have developed what Jobs did, but not many others would have developed what Ritchie did.

This is a shock to me too! I guess Jobs got more attention due to his appearance on stage! How about his former software partners Brian Kernighan and Ken Thompson?
I wouldn't go so far as to say that what Jobs did was easy - the man was a marketing genius - but certainly Ritchie's contributions were more important.
Jobs and Ritchie worked in different fields, so comparing the two is pointless.
Different fields? Did Jobs ever even touched a computer professionally other than to sell it?
Yes. He didn't start out as a hipster mogul, you know.
I don't like the Apple brand, but I have a lot of respect for Steve Jobs.
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