New Game, Populites

Well, I finally have a workable release *cringe*

Here's the link:

It's pretty simple, I have to controls in the Readme file. Go ahead and try it if it amuses you! Most importantly, please tell me what you think of it!

I apologize in advance for the lag you're garanteed to experience. I'm working on that, promise.
I'd say it lacks gameplay. Also, properties of each condition and each tool are not documented. This makes it hard to have any kind of goal, which is a problem.
Interesting, but I didn't really get what the game was about and what to do. Just watching a zombie family grow and get diseases?
I think it's quite cool, it's more of a simulation though like game of life? There isn't much user interaction at the moment however.
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I can't execute that. Please upload the source code.
It does lack gameplay, mostly because it's a simulation of "life". I'm going to add more buttons to click on, mostly to keep tabs on what's currently going on in the game.
I'm also going to add different gameplay options, so that you can mess with birthing rates, zombie appearance rates, plague appearence rates, etc... As for the goal, I'm having trouble with that, the game automatically saves everything that happens, and you'll notice that as you go the overall intelligence goes up, so I figured I could create another program that takes the simulation you just ran and graphs everything about it. (that's originally what the 'Data Hasher' button in the main menu did)

ne555: Mac user or linux? I'll fix up the code and knock off dependencies to windows, should be done fairly quickly.
I got a gameplay idea which may fit your simulation. Maybe instead of just one group of people maybe you could have 2 groups or races. Both of which will eventually compete for resources. Then when resources start getting low, it eventually lead to war and stuff. :P

You'll probably need to introduce money in the game though, like once a person gets to a certain age, he'll start having his/her own income and pay taxes. Then the player can use that money to buy things that can influence the development of the population by adding schools, hospitals, etc. Which helps their civilizations advance.
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You are off to a great start. This can be turned into a city manager type of game with a little bit of work, instead of having people randomly running about you could give them "goals" or needs like going to work, eating and sleeping. Naturally these would be done at designated "buildings" or spots on the board at different "shifts" for each worker.

It would definatly show how devistating a zombie or plauge outbreak could be since people are all crowded into specific areas at certain times of day.
The 'two groups' idea has been voiced before, and it's a good one. The issue would be creating a stable economy (of sorts). I do like the idea of letting the player choose what to develope. And I already have them crowd in the middle (higher birth rate and slower movement), so making certain people corwd into certain places at certain times shouldn't be too complicated. Also, marriage has been proposed as an idea, so I'll probably add that in at some point.

hamsterman: Here's what the tools and diseases do

Green Skull: turns person into a plaguer
Red Skull: turns person into a zombie
All the crosses: nothing, i broke them
Gray skull: kills person
Cursor: selects things

Red disease: zombies, spreads on contact, people with an intelligence of >5 avoid them, those with intelligence of <5 run towards them (weeds out the dumb), zombies move faster (It's why their official designation is 'ZOOMbies')
Green disease: plague, spreads through the air around the infected person (20 pix on all sides), works with intelligence in the same way as zombies
Blue disease: aids, everyone without it avoids them, if they get a cold they die.
Yellow disease: cold, you get it by standing in the 'water' (blue patches) too long, from there it spreads through air (35 pix on all sides), lasts 200 cycles (not very long) then goes away. If you've already had it you cannot get through the air again.

The center of the map is the 'Town', 25x higher birth rate, 2x slower speeds (except for zombies).

The blue patches are water, I've already explained them (colds).
Then when resources start getting low, it eventually lead to war
give them "goals" or needs like going to work
aids, everyone without it avoids them

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

@sargon94: Linux.
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So those with intelligence < 5 are smart enough to avoid AIDS but not zombies? Interesting game though.
...those with intelligence of <5 run towards them (weeds out the dumb)...

I was wondering why it looked like people were trying to get infected. Also why you bothered to average out the intellegence. Do you have any kind of Genetics formula for determining the intellegence of the offspring? I have to tell you the more you write about this the more interested I am in doing my own version. This is a cool project.
naraku9333: ya... good point, it's a work in progress, I'll fix that.

And the average intelligence is actually a debug thing. The formula for intelligence is a random number between [the dumbest parent] and [the smartest parent+1]. the average intelligence readout (which will slowly creep up) told my algorithm worked.
tried downloading it but would not download. entered the ticket and all pops up to download but nothing.
Works, has potential, not worth playing yet. Good luck with the project and all the best.
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