My Final Game

Well mates, it has been quite fun. However it's come time for me to leave, I'll be going on a mission for my church in 3 days (be back in 2014).

Since I'm leaving so soon, I figured I'd upload my latest project! It's a little more mature than some of my other projects, here's the home-page:

If you have half a second, I'd appreciate some feedback, so I can crank out some new stuff here in the next couple days.

Thanks for being an awesome group.
Can't give you feedback, sorry... all my posts have been rather silly lately.

Now off you go, crusader! And have fun.
You'll be back before we know it.
Have great a time!!! Be sure to notify us when you come back. :)

By the way great game I like the animations and enemies.
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hm, good luck

no access to the internet for 2 years. What kind of church is this? Where are you going?

nice game. especially this rubber band effect
Leaving in ... 5 hours!! Bye guys =] Good luck in the wonderful world of c++!
Adios, nice game :P
Awesome game! :D
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Damn, another great mind lost to the corruption that is religion.
@darkestfright: hmm? I'm kinda wondering what he'll think of that when he gets back lol

Is it possible to bring this thread to the top permanently until he gets back? That way he can actually see the feedback he's been getting. Just a thought.
did he make that in win32
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