Sorry if this is the wrong area for this topic but i need a team

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@Falconsoft: Why don't you go to a website such as If your project is really worth something, you'll surely find programmers who will help you.
@Null: I don't know if your a mod but if this is a attack site i will report you. But thanks.
Falcon is like the little baby seal we all enjoy clubbing.
And yet my sympathies for him, which stem from the lack of anybody else's, prevent me from attacking.

Falcon, just in case you're not a troll, please realize that nobody here can help you, by offering themselves to do all the work for you with no guarantees that you'll pay them.

You open yourself to ridicule, and invite others to insult you... by being so sensible to negative comments.
So please leave, and try to at least start the project on your own, and we may help you later when you return with technical questions.

That said, I'm getting my little baby seal club ready.
Falconsoft, as a CEO, surely you have ways of looking thins up? Especially things as simple as websites? I don't see why you can't just take one look at this and know how is...

Also, my earlier statement was a reference to Albatross. It's pronounced a similar way, at least.
I can't believe he actually just threatened to shoot Albatross. Maybe this thread really is going too far.

Here is an idea for you; take it that there will be no one here willing to join you in you quest and move on. If you want to stay on the forum, fine, be polite and courteous (that goes for everyone) and we will all get along.
@Falconsoft: I don't know what YYG is...but you sound like a dick. Go away.
Stop reporting everyone's posts for disagreeing with you.

On second though, keeping doing it so the admin bans you for sending frivolous reports.
I'm not from YoYo games, Falconsoft. I've never used Game Maker, and probably never will. Computergeek01 is not a "ringleader" here, in fact I don't think anyone is. Finally, I'm not a "he". So. Your post at only gives more evidence for point C of my second post in this thread.

That is all.


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Falconsoft.. 3 words.. eat-some-cheese
Albatross is a chick :o
That's what they all say :P
Those two look the same to me...
It's amazing how I derailed this thread without really intending to. Though, it's not like this thread was going anywhere...

At least he left ;)
Haha, girls will make most members of a programing forum awestruck. Too bad he left too, it was pretty amusing.
I think the OP is sincere and wants to make a video game in C++, however he is accustomed to other methods of game development. Although I understand that you are frustrated, you shouldn't insult other people especially those who are here to help you.

If truly want to learn a programming language and start game development, I would normally recommend C++ but you find it a little challenging. So I think blitz basic is what you might be looking for.

I have never used it but looks "easy". After you grasp some game development concepts then you can start to learn to C++ game development.

If you have your heart set on C++ then I recommend these libraries : (Allegro) It has a C feel and is very easy to learn. (SFML) My personal favorite has a C++ feel, well documented, and has a lot of extras prepackaged with the library. (SDL) I do not have much experience with SDL but I know it is extremely cross platform. (OpenGL) It is an industry standard and has support for 3D. Beware it requires a lot of math, therefore it is hard to learn.

If I am wrong and you are indeed a "troll" then please just leave everybody alone, I think you are full by now right?
well i know i might seem like a "troll" but i have changed my ways, since i was on YYG i am no longer a troll, and thanks for the help, @TheMassiveChipnunk: Your a great help.
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