I am new here and just wanted to say Hi.
I am a beginner and want to learn c++
You have a great site and forum :)
Hi all,

I'm a (currentYear - 1961) yr old newcomer to C++.

Although I've dabbled in the past with ZX81 & Spectrum Basic, almost started VB (version 3 came on a single floppy disk!), done Smalltalk, JavaScript & Java for Open University (distance learning for those who don't know) and still don't have much of a clue where to go. My problem is not enthusiasm but direction. I can do a text hangman program but find it hard to think of something a little more difficult. Most of the books I have seem to stop at that stage telling you more can be done without giving you the clues. Ideas welcome.

My 'weapon of choice' at the moment is MS Visual C++ Express which for a freebie is more than adequate... if of course you like Windows stuff.

This site is a tremendous resource and I have a feeling I'll be back here often.

Happy coding good people.
Try learning data structures (linked lists,hash tables,trees, etc). They're quite a challenge to learn, though. I'm still having a problem with binary trees and bitvectors. Should keep you occupied for a while.

PS: Learn templates before learning data structures.
If you don't like VC++ you can go grab the Bloodshed group, it seems to be good from what I have heard.
I am beginner with language.
Just want to increase my knowledge.

This is the best place you can learn any thing regarding C++ language & all other related coding.
GOOD luck for all new ones.
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