The Framework debacle.

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Whoever it is didn't use SQL injection because I checked, the login form is sanitised.
DeadOverclock of 2011 wrote:
ill simplely use frameworks accont!

Framework of 2011 wrote:
I was informed of DeadOverclock's actions and I can assure you that this forum will no longer be receiving posts from DeadOverclock. I'm sorry for any disruptive or offensive remarks made by DeadOverclock.

A fistfight be a-brewin.
Gee, what an interesting PM I just got...

QuasiFramework wrote:

Let's see... the first statement probably isn't true, the second is true but probably not in the way he meant, and the same goes for the third. So... I make that a two and a half out of three.

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Oh, so it was an unlocked computer. I'm jumping to conclusions, of course, but hey. It would explain a lot.

QuasiFramework wrote:

You just can't trust anyone to do what they say. :0)
Oh, the account is probably going to be returned to the real Framework. Assuming, of course, that Framework was smart and gave twicker an e-mail account that he checks.

Alternatively, Framework's account and possibly his IP might end up being banned, which I think was QuasiFramework's intention.

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I know this is a double-post, but I wanted to bump this thread.

Framework's account has been suspended and twicker has begun the cleanup. Hopefully, this will all end better than it started (namely Framework will get his account back and measures for patient trolls and account hackers will be put in place).

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There were that many that I had to ignore all reports to/from Framework.
I cleaned it up directly on the DB, but if something is left (or you stumble upon troll food leftovers), please report it.
Thanks twicker.
Anyone who can summarize the events for those who missed it? By the sound of it, Framework was (dramatic pause) Framed?
Someone took over Frameworks account and posted junk for the evening and there was no way of stopping it until twicker got involved.
hm, that was more than a troll. Then it was an imposter. How could this happen?
How could this happen?

Answering that would be speculation...probably best for twicker and OsiumFramework to determine.

It's a shame that Framework has had to have a new account.
closed account (DSLq5Di1)
I couldn't help but picture this..
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