Good Books to Learn from?

I have a huge collection of books but they are mostly the waste of money and time books like Teach Yourself series. I was wondering since I have a basic understanding of C++ if it was a smart move to go ahead and read C++ Primer, Optimizing C++ (at a later date), and then use the Complete C++ Reference as just that, a reference. Doing the examples and exercises as I go and experimenting with every piece of data I learn. Been told to avoid C++ Primer Plus. Do you think these are good books to learn from?
Don't read anything by Herb Schildt.
Don't read anything that gives you a time frame shorter than several years (unless it's only teaching you something specific, like templates or a specific library).

Bad: Learn C++ in x days (xR, x ≤ 365.25).
Good: Learn C++ template programming in x weeks (xR, x ≥ 3).
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So C++ Primer and Optimizing C++ are good and probably all I need as I would imagine C++ Primer is a great reference in itself. Put Schildt's book back on my shelf with the other terrible books.
I imagine Stroustrup's book is pretty good.
I'm sure it is, if you can afford to get it. $60 is a little much for me right now.C++ Primer, Optimizing C++, and C++ Reference I got on mark down. If I got Bjarne's book I'd have to absolutely get the Special Edition of The C++ Programming Language.
Are you sure you didn't see the special edition? The one I'm looking at right now on amazon is only $12 used.
Yeah, according to what I read the Special edition has a lot of error corrections that the 3rd ed doesn't, has a few more appendices of data, etc. Though I didn't think about the used versions and they are only $30, a little more reasonable for my situation.
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