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I like the new look but I prefer left aligned rather than centered.
^Agreed. Maybe the links could be on the left border, and the posts/stuff could be centered? I don't really mind negative space as long as it's on the right really.
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Agreed. Needs to be left aligned. Other than that, looks good. Though I didn't mind the old look.
Is it just me, or is the site left aligned now?
Yes, it's great now.

I love clicking buttons now!
Only thing is... the left nav is a little wide :-/ ehh guess i will just have to get used to it..
The wide left nav was the entire reason for the site redesign!
twicker wrote:
Well, everything is supposed to stay where it used to be and look more or less the same.
The reason that forced the change: some of the new classes in the C++11 standard have been added to the reference (the containers), and this required wider navigational menus (due to the new class names being considerably longer) - the old layout could not accommodate for this.
I hope you like it!
but if you don't... there is still a way to see the page with the old layout... just find the link!
oh right... lol
Preview is a bit broken. Is that just for me? (Opera)
Firefox as well.
It's broke
It works but it's missing the CSS styles...

EDIT: Using Google Chrome on Windows Vista (yeah I hate vista too)
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Google Chrome on *nix is broken with it...
It's fine on Firefox 11.0 and Chromium 17.0.963.79.
Well.. not broken, but just doesn't look quite right...
As I said, the CSS is broken for it.
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A little padding for the username (block/tr) on the left and right sides..
And I don't like yellow. :p

But other than that, it's fine.
Just don't over-style it like Megaupload or such..

The post preview, submit and cancel buttons looks really good though :D
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Fucking EPIC!
Great job :D
I wonder, can we get jsMath on this forum?

It's a Javascript LaTeX library.
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