Music Needed

Greetings! I am the lead programmer of the Dunlore project.
(I doubt you've heard of "Dunlore", so take a look at this old trailer I whipped up:

The game is coming along very nicely... But I have a problem. I need music. No, not MIDIs. I could make MIDIs, last resort. However, I am looking for some high quality, "real" sounding, medieval tracks. Unfortunately, because I am broke and am still in highschool, I am not able to pay you. However, you'll be considered apart of the Dunlore team and if any money is made in the future you'll receive a share of it. This includes donations. I'm not saying we will make any money. I'm almost positive we won't for a long time. However, if you still consider yourself apart of the team and you still produce a portion of the game in the far future, the money will be split evenly.

I know I'm not offering anything in return(besides being given the glory of working on an epic project >:D), so it's not much of a deal. In fact, I doubt anybody will accept this offer. But if you wish to help the team out, please email me at
I'm not a music maker, but i can tell you, maybe this song can help you a bit: (Kokia - EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/)
Or this: (Kokia - Daybreak)
But i don't know if this will have any impact on Copyright problems.
Thanks for the reply! I'll check those out. I probably won't use the actual tracks in the game, but I can try to create something based off of them.

Very nice so far, but PLEASE make the character move smmothly. I really couldn't play a game that just hops from tile to tile.
This thread isn't for game suggestions, it's for music. Thanks for the feedback, though.
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