Hunger Games

Im surprised that seeing as how this is the Lounge, everyone here still seems 'plugged in' so to speak lol (I too am guilty of this-just see below heh). So just bringing up an unrelated topic - have you seen the Hunger Games and did you like it? Have you read the books? General thoughts/opinions welcome.
Never saw it, not really interested honestly...I don't often watch movies or read non-sci fi/adventure novels.
My sister recommended the books to me a couple of months ago. About a week and a half ago I picked up the books and I really enjoyed them. It wasn't until I was nearly finished the first book when I learned there was a movie... I still want to go see it but scheduling that with three boys (who won't see it) and a baby girl (who won't see it) and my wife's job has so far been difficult.

BTW, the ad at the top of my screen right now is for Hunger Games paraphernalia (mugs, shirts, etc).

Hopefully my wife and I can get out to see it this week.
I read the books and saw the movie. I loved the books, but the movie seemed too forced. It also annoyed me that they released a "soundtrack" for the movie, but only used 3 songs from it. And as credits songs.

Definitely not the best movie this year (so far).
I read the trilogy, but I haven't seen the movie yet. Not that its bad, but I'm not sure if I will ever.
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I found the novels were overrated, teen-action/drama popcorn fodder. I have no interest whatsoever in the movies.
Agreeing with most of you, I saw the hype, never read the novel until one of my good friends was really insistent that I read it - so I gave it a shot and its pretty decent for a teen novel.

Although I've head Battle Royal to be somewhat similar to it (and from hardcore fans, not similar at all to THG). Has anyone read that?

Duoas, hope you can see it! I thought the movie did a good job for the most part-they left some lines out from the book that I really liked, but it was decent. I'd still take the book over the movie though heh.

youngcoder I had no idea that was the case with the soundtrack. All i knew was that taylor swift was on one of them and that it was different from what she usually did or something haha. But I'd agree with you about it not being the best movie of this year so far, but I guess we'll have to see eh!
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