Hey Ho!

Hey guys, long time no speak!

Just wondering how many of the regulars I use to know are still around. And what's new :)
I remember your name, at least. What happened? You go on a world regeneration journey? :P
Hey Mythios! I remember you.
Haha, nah I've been busy with life. And as of late I been focused on c# and what not. So not had a massive use for C++ as of this moment. Nothing really new to tell though :P
How do you find C#? I've been using it a little less recently.
Mythios! It's been a while. I'm glad to see you're still alive (or at least slightly undead) and programming. :)

I personally love c#, but more-so because of my XNA hobby. Can't get enough of it.

Haha, slightly undead, yeah that seems like me at the moment.

Wow, all of your post counts have shot up.
Hello good Mythios. How fared your journey beyond the stars?

... and I've spent most my coding time lately in front of a python interpreter or a Java IDE.

I did use C# recently to make a windows service. After getting a laptop for the first time in a long time, I had to have all my documents and source files sync to dropbox, as well as my images library. Now, I wanted to sync up my music but 13Gbs is a tad out of my quota. Solution? A combination of a folder monitoring service and a .ini file synced in the dropbox folder.
Beyond the stars, of course. I love my telescope ^^

As for all that work for syncing stuff up, I'd just grab a network hard drive and use that haha :P
Mythios, if I recall correctly you had done some impressive SDL stuff. I think it may have been as far back as my other username.
I touched SDL a long, long time ago. How ever I used openGL with it. What was your old username :) ?
hello Mythios!
I still remember you :D
But you probably don't remember me haha!

Oh, the whole reason I bought the laptop was so I could program on the go and take notes in class :P
Hey, welcome back!
I PMed it to you.
I ain't no Ho!
@moorecm, I remember who you are now :P

@xander333, also remember you :P

@Duoas, you helped me so many times, a very long time ago. Remember you very well haha.

helios still around now days? (I think that was his username)
Yeah, helios is still here, but is gone for a while doing something...idr what though.
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He disappared for a long time. Then came back again recently. I haven't seen him posting recently though O:
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