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Catfish wrote:
I thought there was something wrong with the Jennifer example, not the name

Oh, OK, I understand.

At worst, it's just style artifact, which I didn't expect.

Hmm.. That is a strong point for changing it. I'll take another look.


How about this revision for http://cplusplus.com/faq/intro/#boost-libraries
What is Boost? And why do I want it?
You should spend some time installing the Boost Libraries in addition to your standard C++ setup.

The Boost Libraries are maintained by the very same people who...

BHXSpecter wrote:
Because it would then put a flag on their head so instead of posting to the forums, most users would PM the people from the FAQs and such and harass them to get help. I've seen it happen on other sites, but at least this one allows you to turn off your PMs if need be.

That happens regardless. I have made it a point to refer to getting help from the forums (and linking them) often in the FAQs. [edit] When I'm done, neither my tag nor anyone else's (outside of possibly admin) will appear in the FAQs. It is only there right now to ask for feedback. [/edit]

The reason for my wording is that forum members are just that: forum members. Besides a couple of people I know to be professionals in their area, none of us qualify as experts in C++ for simply belonging to the forums.

AFAIK, this site itself is neither sanctioned by nor moderated by people influential in the design and structure of C++ or its libraries. It exists because one dedicated man found and filled a need. In that respect it is no different than Daniweb or CodeGuru.

What makes it different, I think, is its combination of simplicity, useful information, and friendly forums. I have no data to support it, but I think it is also likely the reason that cplusplus.com consistently finds its way to the top of google search results no matter what the subtopic.

It is also why I want as much help as possible when formulating the FAQ. I know quite a lot, but my knowledge is, of course, limited. Each section of the FAQ takes a lot of my time just to research and make sure that I am not presenting my own ideas as fact. I am also learning a lot. Coming up with those C++11 compliance examples took some effort.
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Yeah, figured I was wrong, but it was just a guess. I'm normally wrong anyways so I'm used to it :).
LOL, you weren't wrong. You were right on! I'm just saying that I'm not leaving any obvious arrows lying around, except to post on the forums.
Oh, I thought you were pointing out I was wrong. Down side of text, easily misinterpreted LOL.
I came to this site because of the tutorial. I have never had any other education in C++ than these forums and the site's documentation :)
@ Duoas: I tried to rewrite the Jennifer example, but I couldn't find any real use for static_assert.

I had an idea to check __FILE__ to be a specific filename, but I got stuck at nothing being constexpr.

#include <algorithm>
#include <cctype>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>

auto efficient_conversion_to_name(std::string &&s) -> std::string &
  std::for_each(s.begin(), s.end(), [](char &c){
    static bool was_last_char_a_char;
    was_last_char_a_char ? c = std::tolower(c) : c = std::toupper(c);
    was_last_char_a_char = std::isalpha(c);

  return s;

int main()
  std::string s = efficient_conversion_to_name("jenNiFeR o'kEEfE");

  for (auto &c: s)
    std::cout << c;

  std::cout << std::endl;
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