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No I don't.
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I want to have a "Like" button just for those posts, hanst/grey
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What you wrote, don't sound like poetry. It seems, that poetry would cause much fears.

Because I don't do poetry. I read it just fine, but I would never be caught dead speaking/writing poetry unless I'm getting paid for it.
Naturally, as they would, having once
again derailed a thread, entirely.
Too bad there aren't any moderators
to prevent
this sort of thing.
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CodeMonkey wrote:

This is the language of reality

I read about "Die Krupps" and could see what you meant. Much moods and feeling, like anger, hatred, boredom, love ...

This is a very interesting thought.

The steps, which I showed you, you already shoud have known.
But you can know now, that you shoudn't mix the steps by jumps forward. Jumps backward is no problem.

What would jumps forward do?

You could have a good idea for a game. Then you could think about the implementation. And then it mostly happens, that people don't know, how to do it. And because of this, they would think: I can't do this, it's not possible.

But if you follow these steps and think about implementation, when it is time for the implementation, and trust this way - you should try and then you will trust - then you will have all gifts for doing the implementation without problems.

So you can now do many things, of which you thought before, you can't do.

This kind of magic, should be easily understood.

But first you should do such magics only for matters of the mind, like programming.

You can do your works more effective, if you also could win some control of your moods.
If you do step 1 in the moods of Apoll, step 2 in the moods od Venus and so on, you will get better results.

When you won a clear mind and some control of your moods, you could also try to use such kind of magics for matters of the heart, like finding a wife.

Before you won this, nothing will happen, what you already know.
You only will see the Wheel of Fate work and you can learn nothing.

But after you have learned this, you can try this magic also for such matters of the heart, and it will work, you will find your wife ... and you will be a nice and gentle man.

But there is some twist in it. First you will become a nice and gentle man and then you will find your wife.

And to become a nice and gentle man, could become a very hard trip, you will see, what you do wrong and what great sinner you are, and then the fire of purification burns away all your sins and then your sins are forgiven and you will have a heart of gold. And this work is called the great alchemistic opus.
Maybe you shouldn't think of doing this now.

After you have learned this, you are a wise and you can see something else than the Wheel of Fate.

There is also some sayer (translated):

The stars govern our conditions, but the wise rules the stars

Could be more interesting than the Wheel of Fate!

And what about such a wise?

He can drive his moods, like a coachman drives his horses.
He will be a magus and a zany.
And he likes to show some mirror.
Most he likes, to mirror trolls.
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I'm not a doctor, but it seems that you problem is called "Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder"

You create a plethora of words, but since you cannot focus on a single subject it makes little sense for the reader
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About hyperactivity:

I don't like such a hyperactivity. I would like to have a rest. But always you ask questions and let me not rest. I am not responsible for the outcome!
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Please check your Hats, Coats and Sanity on the way in ... and don't forget to collect them when leaving.
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coder777 wrote:
you cannot focus on a single subject

What, me can't focus on a single object? Then look at the post of Gaminic at the last page and tell me, on what he focused.

I can only see some dirty waters of Chaos.

And because I am a helpful person, I thought I should help him, to bring order into this chaos. I think, he will like to have later a nice wife, family and a happy life and he would like many wishes would become true. So I will focus on this matter. But then it's enough for today.

First I separate this water of chaos into two waters.
One beyond and one above.
Then I make a border between the two waters,
so that they cannot intermix.
The water above I will call heaven.
The water beyond I call world.
The border between is a stronghold
and I call it firmament.

I think, this was a good work and it should be enough for today.
Then I will give him three gifts, so that his wishes can become true.
The first gift I will give tomorrow.

And now let have me a rest!
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dadabe wrote:
Then I will give him three gifts, so that his wishes can become true.
The first gift I will give tomorrow.
Please, don't bother yourself with this.

Come to think of it don't bother us with it.
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I don't bother about you. But I forgot something important. The firmament is a stronghold, this I should add.

And about the gifts, yes I know, you don't like the gifts for a wise. Then I will instead of one gift give two gifts, the gift for a wise and the gift for a king.
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Now my gifts

Today I will reveal the great secret of my creation.
And then you will know all, how my creation works.
I always create two molds of all things,
a border between and an interaction between.

Now let's bring light to my creation.
And also there are two molds of light.

The first light is an lantern.
I call this lantern the lantern of the wise.
And a person, who carries such a lantern
is a person of great wisdom,
because he can see many things, which others
without such a lantern can't see.

The second light is a book. And this book
contains my words. But this book is never finished
and always in writing. A person, who has such a book
is a great and bright king and can understand many
things, which others without such a book can't understand.
And such a king, can make very good decisions,
which is the work, a king should do.

But the book isn't a written book, which you can
find in a library. If a king wants to hear my words,
he has to listen very well, what other people say.
But the difficulty is, the king don't only hear my
words, but other words too.

So he often don't know, what are my words and what is the truth.
And then he shall ask the wise. And the wise can see, what the king can hear.
And the wise can't see the false words, what the king heared,
and so he can tell the king the truth. And so the king can rule wise and well
and the works are all done well.

And all, what I have created is such an analogy to heaven and world and the firmament.
An so can a person, who looks very deep in only one of my creatings,
understand all of heaven and world.

And now we can use the light of the lantern and the light of my book
for rearranging the primordial chaos in the post of Garminic,
that this will become very well works.
And you now will see, how this is done.

Let's the great opus begin.
Let's breathe life into this creation.

Now I enthrone my proconsules in this world.
The lantern I give to Garminic.
The book I give to CodeMonkey.

This should be enough for today!
Difference between Spoonlicker posts and dadabe posts? Spoonlicker's posts make sense and have a theme :P.
Well guess dadabe has a theme, insanity.
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dadabe wrote:
"Now my gifts"

Oh, here we go... No one cares.

dadabe, out of all seriousness, why do you post walls of pointless text that does not pertain to the topic in hand? How many people do you think actually read your posts? I don't read them, and I can bet nobody else does either.

As the actress said to the bishop... Moderators would make this another Stack Overflow site. That's bad.

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I have one thing to add to this discussion at this moment in time: Your poetry is bad and you should feel bad.

There's no creative play on language, no meaning, no rhythm. It's not so much a poem as a pile of words.
LB wrote:
Naturally, as they would, having once
again derailed a thread, entirely.
[...several posts...]
chrisname wrote:
Your poetry is bad and you should feel bad.
It took me a moment to realize you were talking about dadabe...interestingly the reason I misunderstood is because, as Framework seems to have clarified, I hadn't read his posts.
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I've not read his posts either, just know they look like utter BS and the only thing I read was when he mentioned my name and it made absolutely no sense to be honest.
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