Meeting C++ - Call for Papers

Hi C++ Community!

There will be a new european C++ conference this fall in Germany!
We are looking for speakers and possible talks at our conference!

Possible topics could include:
* modern C++
* C++11
* boost
* C++ Frameworks like Qt, wxWidgets, Ogre, …
* other C++ related topics

Please contact us over the contactform on the website, or over info@<insert_domain>.com if you’d like to give a talk at Meeting C++!

A few details about the plans:
The conference will be placed in Düsseldorf area, there is room for about 150 ppl, right now we plan with 2 tracks for 2 days. The conference will be at 9./10.11.12.

More information about the conference you’ll find at our website
You can also follow us on twitter: @meetingcpp
As some people haved asked:
The session length will be 45 minutes, some talks might extend to 90 min.
There is now a form to submit your talk:

Call for Papers should end at 15. July 2012
Hello C++ Community!

Ticketshop is now open, we still do look for talksubmissions:

By next week I plan a first update on further speakers and talks.
Please help spreading the word about the conference, as we try to get the funding over the tickets, not over sponsoring.
All Talks and Speaker are now online:
Looks really interesting! Lots of boost stuff. Did anyone from this site/community sign up to speak?
I'm not sure. All speakers are online, so have a look.
Is that the actual email address? I think <,> might be allowed in email addresses (not sure right now), but I haven't seen anyone actually use them.

(also, isn't 350€ a bit of a hefty price for a 2 day conference? I know these don't fund themselves and I also have no idea how much people usually pay for those, but I'd have to save up for 2 months just to buy a ticket, not to mention actually getting to Düsseldorf).
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Hi, <insert_domain> means to replace it with the websites domain. Otherwise you still can use the contact form.

Well, the prices. The conferences I've been to were more expensive in ticket price, than this one. ADC++ f.e. is 999€, QtDevDays were 499. I wanted a professional setting, food & free drinks etc. for the attendees, this adds to the costs. So I had to calculate a price which covers the costs, even if I don't sell out. I know that not everyone can afford those prices, and sofar a lot of companies have bought tickets for their employees.
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