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How do i get my programing passion back?

Hey i have lost my passion for programming and idk what to do.During the school end of the school year i decided that i was going to finish c++ (basics) and learn java and go into android developing.But then i suddenly cant do it i lost all my ambition and idk how to get it back.Is it just laziness? if so what do i do? I have goals i want to achieve before school starts.
If you are truly passionate about it then it will come back on its own. You may just be burned out on it. I've gone through this learning high and low wave myself numerous times. Just hang in there.
Find some project that interests you.. if you lost your passion for something it means you never had any passion for it.
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Nitrosolid wrote:
"Is it just laziness?"

Laziness is the product of little or no direction and motivation. What made you want to program initially? Homi's post ties in with BHXSpecter's post: If you begin a project that you find interesting, your passion for programming will surely return.

You're not alone with this problem. On numerous occasions, I had to pull out the old bellows and get the programming flame going again. If you're interested, here's how I achieve that:

- Learn something new. If you've lost passion, this can be difficult, but learning something new makes you realise that learning X isn't impossible, and that you do have the ability to learn subject X.

- Talk with somebody that's interested in programming. This is a classic fix. This gives you somebody to relate to on a programming level, and the chances are, you'll find talking about a subject you're passionate about will motivate you more.

- Ask yourself why you began to program initially. If you don't do this every so often, you'll begin to lose direction, followed by a loss of motivation. You need to be constantly heading towards your goal, and should not deviate away from that.

- Set realistic goals to aim for. Goals help you achieve something, and the reward is motivation. Goals give your brain a reason to learn, help you stay on track, and give you a constant stream of new information.

- Take breaks every so often. Constantly sitting in front of a monitor can strain you mentally. When the brain is tired, it begins to wander in its own imaginary world, and will struggle to focus. Every hour or so, take a 15 minute break to rest your eyes and brain. During that rest period, do something you enjoy, other than programming, such as a match on COD. Studying a subject too much can cause mental exhaustion.

- What benefits will you derive from programming? For me, programming has taught me to think more logically, and to be more cautious.

A few final words: If you were passionate about subject X initially, then it means you're naturally ready to learn that subject. Don't let that passion fade away, because you may never get it back. We all go through this stage, and only the strong survive; the strong being the passionate, of course.

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