Steam Summer Sale

Anyone else out there keeping an eye on Steam for some of those gems you've been hoping would drop in price? Recently managed to get Legend of Grimrock for nine bucks which I was pretty happy about.
I've been trying as hard as I can to stay off the steam store page because I can't afford to have valve rape my wallet right now and I'm terrible at self control when it comes to money :P (however I did pick up this game called beat hazard for $2 a few days ago)
Pooled some money with friend and got a Terraria 4 pack. Fun game. Once we "beat" it we are going to recreate SotN in it.
I steer clear of the Steam store if they aren't free to play. I have bought some, but unless someone gifts me a game I just don't play it. I need to play Terraria more as I've only beat World Eater and Skeletron (the Dungeon Guardian).
Get Skyrim. Get Skyrim. Get Skyrim.
Got Skyrim on PS3 and want Skyrim on PC, but I'm broke so won't be getting it any time soon.
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I bought Sonic Generations, The Walking Dead, and the Batman francheise collection (Akham Asylum, Arkham City, Gotham City Imposters [whatever that is], and all of the DLC), all for about 60$ -- the typical price of a brand new game -- not bad.
Has anyone played the new Age of Empires? ->

Every Grand Theft Auto game for £4.99 and The Witcher for £1.78.

Job done.
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Skyrim was lame. Default difficulty (which actually provided some difficulty in older TES games) was waaay too easy. Could sleep through the game and not die. Story wasn't all that compelling. Dialogues were about as interesting as watching watching paint dry. Side quests were kinda meh. Cool things were the towns looked nice, combat was entertaining, crafting was kinda cool. But, I beat it the game pretty quick, then got bored pretty quick after that. Just felt dated
I'll admit, the story is pretty poor, and you can beat it in a few hours. There's also the problems with levelling where you can get 100 smithing in about 3 hours by making iron daggers and leather braces (fixed in later versions), and there are balance problems with magic not being that strong (magic is often ridiculously overpowered in other games). It also caps monsters' levels at about 35, so when you get to that level, suddenly you can one-hit-kill almost everyone (although this does mean that you can slaughter entire towns by yourself which is pretty fun). 100 smithing + 100 enchanting makes the game incredibly easy because you can craft full Daedric armour and weapons and then give them stupidly strong enchantments.

On the other hand, a lot of the side quests are awesome, especially guilds like the Dark Brotherhood (the Thieves Guild is boring at first but it gets better). Also, the game is technically not completable because there are repeatable ("radiant") quests that are different every time. There are random encounters all over the place that you'll probably never see all of. There are tons of dungeons and forts (almost 200, I think) to explore (although admittedly they aren't that interesting, and irritatingly once you've killed everything inside you have to walk all the way back to the entrance with nothing to do).

The greatest thing about it, though, is, as in a lot of PC games, the mods. I have about 70 right now, for fixing bugs (there are a lot, especially in the original version), improving graphics in ways I didn't realise needed improving (HD textures, lighting, shaders/particles, etc. a lot of which is limited because the game was created for consoles first), for adding weapons & armour, for improving and even adding gameplay elements (like fixing the unbalanced magic that I mentioned before, as well as the non-existent Civil War) and a lot of other things.

Basically, if you run around on the road a lot (since that's where most random encounters occur), do all the quests (which is impossible in a single play-through because some quests make others unavailable, and because the game changes according to how you play it), get some good mods and don't exploit the flaws and oversights that make the game easier, it's awesome. Admittedly, a game shouldn't need you to avoid flawed mechanics or have mods to make it fun, but I found the vanilla game pretty fun anyway (especially when I didn't know about the levelling exploits, or anything else about it).

I think what I like most about it is that you can do or be nearly anything. You don't have to do any quests at all if you don't want to. I spent a few hours on my wood elf character with a camping mod and a mod that made you have to eat, drink and sleep, just hunting outside Whiterun, staying away from civilisation for as long as I could (I wish I could do this in real life sometimes).

Finally, just one question for you: when you first played it, did you research it at all beforehand? Did you read strategy guides or anything?

I ask because I don't think people who do that have a right to complain about a game like this being boring. When I first played Skyrim, I didn't know anything about it, which I think made it a lot more fun, because I had no idea what to expect or how to play. It was all "natural", I just did whatever I wanted to do. I didn't have any idea what I was doing. It got less fun in some ways when I started reading about it (like when I found out how to get level 100 smithing in 3 hours and ended up with a full suit of Daedra armour and a greatsword that made it possible to kill the strongest dragons in about three hits).

I'm hoping I'll find a similar-but-better open world RPG game, because admittedly Skyrim does have its flaws, and I've been playing it obsessively for 16 days (that's almost two weeks!).
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Finally, just one question for you: when you first played it, did you research it at all beforehand? Did you read strategy guides or anything?

I am extremely against strategy guides. Never once owned it. I feel like that's pretty much cheating.
Well that's fair enough then. Just, some people ruin the game by knowing exactly what to do before ever playing it and don't bother trying to find their own path, and I think that's silly.
Lmao, Biscuit you should look up the 10 minute Morrowind run.
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