What kind of job could I get with...

First of all, hello, my fellow coders :)

I will be getting my Associates degree this December, and really want to look for a job that would take it in order for me to pay for my Bachelors degree in a timely and comfortable manner. I'm trying very hard not to take out any loans.

If it helps, I am fluent in:

Also, if it helps, I learned my first language (Java) three years ago. Although I generally have no hard time at all learning a new one, so I could honestly tackle any language.

I am also the head programmer for a small business I started with a friend, but since it's new, it's more of a freelance job right now. I can, of course, have him vouch for me when I apply.

Thanks, guys.
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I've been working on an Associates while working a full time job and another part-time job on the weekends. Good luck, finding a job through programming is fucking hard.
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