Types of orederings

I heard about the weak ordering, the strict weak ordering, and the strong ordering. What are the differences between them?
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That say nothing about the regular weak ordering, or the strong order!
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As for your question, this came up on a quick google search and contains some further links:


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That say nothing about the regular weak ordering,

Sure does:
wikipedia wrote:
Weak order. A partial order ≤ on a set X is a weak order provided that the poset (X, ≤) is isomorphic to a countable collection of sets ordered by comparison of cardinality.

or the strong order!

That's called "total order" in order theory ("strong order" is used in several other fields, but means different things)

wikipedia wrote:
Total order. A total order T is a partial order in which, for each x and y in T, we have x ≤ y or y ≤ x. Total orders are also called linear orders or chains.

or, alternatively,
wikipedia wrote:
A strict weak order that is trichotomous is called a strict total order

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