web based IDEs?

The only thing keeping me getting a tablet (aside from the issue of money) is the complete lack of sufficient dev tools to use on the android platform. Ubuntu for android will be coming out eventually, but I've yet to see if that'd be useable with a tablet like the ASUS transformer and just use the keyboard dock rather than use some third party docking station.

However, if I could find an entire web based IDE (one that supports multiple languages preferred, however supporting any one of Java, Scala, Haskell, C/C++, or Scheme, would be useful)

I've already tried IDEOne, not a fan of it. Googling hasn't helped much as I'm looking for first hand opinions of my options O:. So, has anyone used any, or have heard of any that might be worth checking out?
ideone.com is the best, but if you want something that looks more like your typical IDE program, try http://compilr.com
Hmm, IDE one really is the best eh? Yea the issue I had was primarily the UI. Shouldn't be to hard to make it more my liking with chrome user scripts, right? :P
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