Become a professional c++ programmer?

This will be quite personal but I need to ask some professional employed programmers of what they think. Here is my long question:

I have a problem with my eyes that reduces the eye sight so much that I am not even allowed to drive a car (for example so you understand how bad). Now I hace always been interested in programming and I have a passion for becoming a professional programmer. I will even enter the university where I will learn programming and computer science for 5 years to get the master grade.

However, because of my eye problems, it can be hard for me to read texts so I have to use the magnyfing glass and low resolutions to scale up the text a lot. In theory I believe that because of this, I read slower and work slower than what I would have done with perfect vision. I also have to take breaks about every thirty minutes so not strain my eyes too much.

I wonder, as a professional well paid programmer, do you ALWAYS have to work as fast as anybody else and can you take breaks whenever you need to? Do all programmers work very fast in general and do most have a high pressure on them when it comes to dead lines. Because I am worried that although with all the knowledge in my head, my eyes might slow me down and I will probably not be able to work fast enough (compared with others) if being employed in the future.

What do you think? Do programmers often work in different speeds just naturally?

Btw, optical help like glasses nor laser helps in my case since its a rare eye problem.

Thanks for reading this and for answering.
Well, strict deadlines are pretty much omnipresent in the business, except for rare exceptions maybe. Whether or not you can compensate for your sight problems is something you will have to figure out for yourself though.

PS: Have you tried using special fonts (and the like) for vision impaired people?
I have tried different but I do not know if i have the best combination for me. Do you have any tips? Now I use DejaVu Sans Mono, yellow text on a black background.
Well, I can't really give tips, other than to try things and see what works for you. I can see fine with glasses so I never actually had any problems in this regard.
I see, I am still working on it. Any other more opinions and tips are welcome.
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