Blocked from replying to one thread

Does anyone know why this might be? CPP was down for me for a while - could it have something to do with that? It's just one thread only.

I have started a thread in the hope that the OP will see it, but the that is a bit awkward.

Just PM the author >.>
Unfortunately she doesn't have PM set up for her acct.

Apparently I am not the only one who can't reply.
I have written a reply to my thread, hopefully she sees that and starts a new thread herself .
It may just be that the admin has closed the thread. What thread is it you are talking about? If you are talking about the CPP down thread, then chances are that they just closed it to prevent flamewars or trolling or something in the thread.
It is Lauren Buecker's thread "Have a few errors"

As I say, hopefuly she sees my thread (about her thread) and starts new one of her own.
I can reply just fine.
So can I, now - that thread has been fixed up somehow.
No, it's gone bad again - No reply button or anything at all after the last post.
The thread looks kinda screwed up, possibly because every page is so goddamn long. Try to refresh bypassing your browser's cache (Ctrl+Shift+R in Firefox). Eventually you get the button.
Thanks helios that worked !!! A really good tip.
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