Lucky number 7


Jackpot, baby.

Roll the dice.

4 of a kind.

Spin the wheel.

The price is right.

Disch will never post again.
I think he will. I still think he would want to hit the 9999 or 10k mark, if the forums allow posts that high =/

And why not Royal Flush instead of 4 of a kind?
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because it's 4 7's, which is four of a kind. A royal flush is nonsense. You're just crazy!
Duh! but sorry to hear that you can no longer have a four of a kind. Maybe you'll get lucky enough to have 4 8's one day...
414 more posts until you have a nice round number, eh?
grats on 7777 posts, I hit 333 yesterday, but you've done over 2000 posts a year according to your join date. (average) if I posted as frequently as you I would have at least 1000 posts by now.
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