1k =)

I need to stop posting so much (read: I need to get out more or start actually working on my own programs).

Anyways, I hit 1,000 posts. I'll never post again =D
I'll never post again

Don't let me down!
I gave in. I like helping people too much. Syndrome maybe?
It's all right. Not everybody can abandon an account...
(I can, and I will. As soon as I reach my 666th posts. Hail Satan!)
Are you going to make catfish3 then? Do you have nine lives? O.o
Do you never stop asking questions?
Do you ever stop replying to questions?
Will you ever stop posting?
Maybe one day. Will you keep posting?
Will you?
Anyways, I hit 1,000 posts. I'll never post again =D

Sure have been busy - about 250 in the last week !!

It was all that stuff prior about pointers that was the culprit !

Any way good on you - helping other people is a noble thing I say. ( I don't mean that to be construed in the FIG JAM sense though)

You will be up to 5000 before you know it.
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