Good Finds

I like to examine the computers science programs at top universitie; See what types of courses they include and what text books they use. MIT's introduction to Computer Science and Electrical Engineering course 6.01, and the next course 6.02, don't seam to require a text book, only a free PDF.

And from Berkeley another great free resource,

(Introduction for non-Berkeley-CS people: CS 61A is our first course for computer science majors. The course title and curriculum come from its textbook, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, the best computer science book ever written.)

I thought I would start this thread so that people can post good high quality, free sources they find.
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Both of those are very good sources, I am definitely going to be reading them at some point in my schedule. Do you want people to post good books, or only university content
The 6.01 course at MIT, wow! That sums up the useful concepts out of every EE/CS domain there is!
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