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Yes this is in the right place, i am not looking for hire (on this site) or giving hire. I just want to know, I am a young programmer who is still going through schooling and would like to find some real world experience in programming. What are my best options? Thanks in advance.
When you say "real world" do you mean something close to a professional job? Have you looked into internships? Your school probably has tons of info on that. There's also google summer of code:
You could always ask a company to do some part-time internship/volunteer work. Because you aren't getting paid the company would be more likley to hire you.

Also, there are probably some groups out there made up of people form around the world that work on programs and software projects. Try joining one of these, theres a good one on:


Its the ultimate file manager project.
@dem7w2 thank you, but I am too young to participate in summer of code. also my school is incredibly small, where else could i look for internships.

@tyriuth I tried the cpptut website, it said connection timed out

Well it's quite rare for a high schooler to get an internship if that's your age group. Same with freshmen in college. After that though, just look for one in the nearest city to you.

If you're pre college sophomore, you don't really need professional experience. You need projects. Write code. Make your code better. Try new languages / libraries. Just learn as much as you can and have the projects to prove what you have learned. Employers take programmers with a passion for coding, and it's easy to show off your passion when you have a bunch of projects you've worked on.
Well I am in high school and I do would like to know get real world experience
Define "real world experience"
Try vworker.com. You can get paid for freelance programming.
Have you used vworker.com? Can you back up it being a good service? It does sound tempting...
Thanks for the replies guys
Yeah, I use it. The website is fine but it's hard to get jobs when you've just started. You'll have to request low amounts of money (basically nothing) at first until you've built up a decent reputation; then you can start asking for more and more.
everyone needs a job specifically on line one..
me too want one...
Just signed up for vworker.com. Seems interesting, although I probably won't get into it until next summer after I take a few more programming classes and I have more time on my hands. Would you suggest a good software development sub-section to start at?
I don't know, if I were you I'd just fill everything out and then look at the main page for something you can do, then place a bid for it. Go back a few pages, there'll be quite a lot of jobs available.
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