My Rampage IV extreme can only read 4gb of ram.

my mobo looks like the link below

Right till yesterday all the ram slots are full. I can run my super computer 32gb no problem. Today my computer suddenly falter. so yea i went on the troubleshoot routine and found out my computer can only be booted with 1 stick of 4gb ram.
As long as i add more ram, it won't even boot to mobo utility just a black screen.

Thing i tested out
1) In the bottom half of the ram slots, only the very bottom slot (red) will recognize the ram. If any other ram is added in the above three slots, my computer will not boot (not even mobo utility)

2) As long as the very bottom slot have 1 ram and no other slots are filled in the bottom ram area, my computer will boot but no matter how many ram i put in any of the slots above the cpu, it will only say 4gb of ram.

Solved the current problem. I turned my mobo and there are pins that are touching together. I moved them away and it's working.

HOWEVER it's only reading up to 16 GB. Right now my Mobo can recognized the bottom slots but not the top slots above the cpu i double check whether any pins are touching each other and they are not.

list of info
1) when i touch the ram at the bottom slots they are kind of "hot". But the ram at the top slots are not hot. It seems there's no electricity running through it
2) When i flash the bios, my mobo did not detect the four memory sticks at the top slots. It did detect and give the info on the four memory sticks at the bottom.

3) x64 ultimate.

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What operating system are you running?
If you are running 32bit OS, it can't address more than 2^32-1 bytes of memory...
doesn't matter what os i am running if it can't even boot to utility right? and ofcuz it is 64. "Right till yesterday all the ram slots are full. I can run my super computer 32gb no problem."
Sorry, misread.
Is there a specific RAM module that has to be placed in the bottom slot for it to boot? Or can it be any module?
what do you mean ngen. anywayz the slots at the top is not working. is not even hot it seems electrricty not going in.
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