Windows PowerShell vs Linux Console

I learned MS PowerShell just some 6 weeks ago. So far I love it. It is quite powerful and a huge, HUGE improvement over the command prompt.

But in particular, Microsoft brags about the fact that it should be comparable to the *nix consoles. Being myself a complete ignorant of *nix I thought I should ask here if anyone can actually support or refuse Microsoft's claim. As for me, I cannot hold on to a stable installation of Ubuntu if my life depended on it, so I kind of have given up on *nix altogether, at least for the time being.
I've never used PowerShell, but I hear it is still nowhere near *nix terminals. I used *nix quite a bit at work, and I personally don't see anything windows coming near it.
Nope. PowerShell doesn't compare :)
If you want to compare, you could always install Cygwin.
I'm disappointed with this thread, webJose.
I thought: "finally, someone who tried both for an extended period will compare them."

I did try PowerShell some time ago. Not impressed with how Microsoft reinvented the wheel. So I did not bother learning a new syntax to get the same old things done. Too bad many of you missed 4DOS, which is a real example of a productivity software.
Sorry for the disappointment Catfish2. Yes, I am in the lookout just like you.

@strongdrink: Would it be troublesome if I asked for a few examples? I don't really know how much more powerful the *nix shell is, so an example or two could prove useful to me. I'll try to do the same in PowerShell and see how it goes (if the example task is applicable to Windows environments).

@chrisname: I don't think I can. Really. I'm an idiot with *nix. Last attempt at Ubuntu crashed badly: I somehow managed to destroy the admin account (sudo or something). It was bad.
@ webJose: Cygwin is basically a Unix shell compiled to run on Windows; it's not another Linux distribution.
^ that.

It's basically a bunch of UNIX tools and libraries ported to Windows by emulating the POSIX API and sticking it in a DLL.
At first I thought that WinPowershell is just like a Command Prompt.. hahaha :))
I don't even know how to use it haha
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