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Comes with the code and app. Just unrar.
Yeah that seems like the safest thing to do.
I lol'd.
You can post your comments here!
_ Weird indentation (4 tabs per level)
_ global variables
_ obscure names
_ stupid goto (bad scope understanding, by the way)
_ inheritance abuse
_ methods that don't use/modify the state of the object
_ no encapsulation (public members, chained access)
_ misconceptions
	games_d *p=&u2;


I use DevC++
so if u use n++, that's when it looks like that
What are the problems with:
-Global variables
-obscure names
-methods that don't use/modify the state of the object

Can you explain how I can solve:
-no encapsulation
-inheritance abuse
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Any function can modify them. Rules imposed on a global variable can be easily forgotten.

Threading. They are not thread-safe. Since any function can access them, synchronisation becomes problematic, especially when multiple translation units attempt to modify it.

Dependency. A part of a program may depend on its use, and modification or removal of the variable could cause compilation of the program to fail.

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@Framework & ne555

Thanks, I'll work on that
Please fix that indentation, I don't understand how you can read it. My guess is you use two-space tabs and then indent four times to make it look like 8-space tabs, in which case you should just use 8-space tabs.

I use DevC++
so if u use n++, that's when it looks like that
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The problem is that you use tabs for idention. Well, the fact that you use DevC++ is also a problem on its own, but lets leave that aside for now.
No, in the file there are 4 tabs per level. That makes no sense.
You should adjust your tabstop, to use just 1 tab per level.

	games_d *p=&u2;
¿what's the purpose of 'p'?
No, if you use any editor that is configured normally, that is when it looks like that. You've changed some settings. You shouldn't be using Dev-C++ anyway, it's a terrible IDE.
I don't want to live on this planet any more.
I think you should fix up your code, to me its hardly readable... Also, while your at it make it a habit to put curly brackets the line AFTER the function is called.

Here's an example:
 void myFunction()
      //Some code here

(You don't have to do the brackets the line after the function thing, it's just more readable that way in my opinion.)
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1. That's not a function call
2. You actually DO have to have the curly braces.
I think he meant you don't have to put them on the next line.
Ok I'll try and upload it on bastebin and give the link
Here is the URL:
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