What a new keyboard can do for you.

I recently just purchased a new keyboard to replace my 5-6 year old default keyboard, and boy does it make a difference programming. I now have the logitech illuminated keyboard and cant stop typing with this thing. What kind of keyboards do you guys use?
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Apple Keyboard with numeric keypad.
At home, Windows: A Microsoft wireless desktop keyboard. Not sure on the model.

At home, Mac: The wireless Apple keyboard. To be honest, it's a huge pain in the backside. It isn't the friendliest keyboard for programming, in my opinion. However, vanity prevails and I won't use any other keyboards because I like the way this looks with my iMac.

At work, Windows/Unix: The worst Lenovo keyboard you've ever seen. At least until I can scavenge something else.
The layout of the main keys is different, but it's otherwise identical. I've been using it for the past 12 years, which is quite a while, considering I'm 24. Why? Four reasons:
1. It still works flawlessly
2. No one sells Latin American keyboards anymore.
3. I don't care much for the laptop-esque feel many modern keyboards have.
4. It seems no one makes white keyboards* anymore. I can't quite touch-type, so I need to take quick glances at the keyboards to position my hands. I can't do that with a black keyboard because there's not enough contrast between the keys and the space in-between them.

* At reasonable prices. There are "trendy" white keyboards, but not "beige box" white keyboards.
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Sidewinder x4. The keys don't hurt my fingertips after long hours of typing. I tend to get headaches when programming with the light on. So I turn the light off, and enable the keyboards built-in lighting. Ever since I started using this keyboard, I've been more comfortable with typing. Additionally, it has storage for 18 macros, which can be handy at times.


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I've been rockin an old IBM SK-8815 since I was 14. She's built solid, has buttons for audio control, her keys are semi-heavy, and she's served me well.

I would like a high quality MKS keyboard, I like-a da clicky sound.
I've always been a fan of chiclet keyboards, and I find it difficult to type on anything other than one. On my desktop I use a bluetooth chiclet keyboard from Sony (model VGP-BKB1), and I also just use the keyboard that's built into my MacBook Pro. I'm actually surprised to hear discontent regarding Apple's keyboards, since I personally feel they they're the best to type on. I've never been able to type faster or more comfortably on anything other than an Apple keyboard.
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What kind of keyboards do you guys use?

Das Keyboard Ultimate: http://www.daskeyboard.com/model-s-ultimate/ (not the model S, though, I got one of the first ones they made). Because I know where the keys are :)
What I can't get are the weirdly-shaped ergonomic keyboards - someone in my team has one, and I cannot type anything at his desk.

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SteelSeries 7G, has that click sound I love for typing, perfect tactile response from the keys, amazing for gaming and built like a tank with no-fluff.
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