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I'm looking for a doc tool. I really like the look and feel of Doxygen, but the last time I used it, it lacked a big feature that makes me not want to use it again.

Specifically I want to be able to consolidate overloaded functions into a single description. Similar to how this site does it:

See how it has all the overloads at the top, then a single description that covers all of them? That's a big feature I want, but don't know if/how it can be accomplished with Doxygen. Last time I had to duplicate entries for each overload (@copydoc made it easier, but still....)

Can it be done in the most recent Doxygen? Or are there any other doc tools that you guys can recommend that can do it?

There's an 'overload' command which I think is what you want.
Nah that still makes a separate entry, and basically adds a filler description which basically redirects you.


Here's a mockup of what I want:
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That would make more sense, but I don't think it can do that.
Yeah I found a feature request for it that was dated like 3 years ago. No responses.

It is open-source...
It is open-source...

I've heard from various sources that the Doxygen source has quite a big learning curve to it and is borderline messy. I think that Disch is looking for a product that will just work without having to waste time hacking around. * Don't get me wrong, Doxygen is an awesome product - in fact the best IMO.

Visual Studio has a built-in XML documentation format that might meet your requirements. There are also tools available that can parse the VS xml format and produce crisp looking docs, though I've only ever used it on managed code.

Here's a fairly comprehensive list of tools available:

Good luck.
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