Can someone help explain this to me?
It is a macro created by Irvine for my Assembly Language class. I am understanding everything in the program, except for what happens in this Macro. Here is a website that i have been looking at so far

My example looks like this:
Dump of offset 00405000
48 A3 F4 FF 40 65 07 00 88 08 FC FF

the registers I am using are as follows:

EAX is the sum of EBX and ECX.

I noticed that the memory dump (line starting with number 48) if read starting at FF with the first F, then the second F, then FC with F first then C, then 08 with 0 first then on and so forth is FFFC0888 00076540 FFF4A348 which is EAX ECX EBX. Why is the output like that?

My second question is what is the significance of the 00405000??
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