Articles section still accessible

The articles section of the forum isn't listed, but you can still access it with the URL:

You can also access any archived thread by typing It doesn't matter what board you put, you'll be redirected automatically.
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Er, I see "Articles" in the upper-left hand menu on every page.
I think chrisname is referring to the old articles forum category, but you've probably already realised that by now.

Luc Lieber is right. The one linked on the left-hand-side is, this is
...oh... yes... of course...

I knew that...


Why is it no longer in use?

Edit: I mean the later of the two links
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Am I the only one who sees it at the bottom?
No, I see it, I want to know why its no longer in use?
Oh yeah, it is on that page, it's just not on the navigation menu on the left.

Still, the other thing I discovered is pretty cool. This is the first non-admin post ever: (or at least, the first archived one). If you replace 7 with a number from another board, then it changes to the correct board automatically (for example if you put /articles/20/, it will change to /beginners/20/).
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