Did I Make A Bad Chooice?

I have recently entered a competition, and we were allowed to choose between C++, Python,and Java. I chose Python (5y experience) over C++(2y exp). My problem is I am now used to C++ (have not used Python in a while) and do not know if I made the right choice?
=P How are we supposed to know?

Would the project be easier for you in C++? If yes then you made the wrong choice.
I know, its a timed competition, so in that respect python could be better. I do not know, I guess I was thinking online :P
As long as performance isn't a (big) issue, unless your deadline is quite long, Python could be ideal.
I choose c++ becuase I had any language to choose from, So I looked for the industry standard ... C++ ... and something for maximum performance ... C++
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