What Vegeta's scouter really said about Goku's power level

We've all heard the "over 9000" catchphrase. But in the original manga it was actually "over 8000". I'm not sure why it got changed. Maybe it was a translation error... maybe someone thought 9000 was just cooler. Who knows.

The point is, 8000 is just as significant of a number as 9000. Maybe even more so.

With that in mind, let us celebrate the number 8000 and all it has to offer this wonderful world. I certainly can't think of a better number at this point in time.
My APUSH Teacher wrote:
When reading any piece of writing, it is important to consider the source

I wonder if that applies here...
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But, see, the problem is that it is "over 8000" -- which 9000 is -- but until you post again you haven't made it yet.

I can't believe I missed my 5555 :(
I have to post 1059 more times to get quads again.
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What 8000?!
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But in the original manga it was actually "over 8000".

My entire childhood is a lie...
I clicked on this expecting another thread similar to the one where I thought that Disch was in a boxing match against Buddhists. However the tables are completely turned in this case.

As a disclaimer, if you don't know what I'm talking about, explaining it will only deepen your confusion, and you'll be better off not asking. For those of you who do know what I'm talking about, you have a really good memory.
Man Luc Lieber.... I have a very vague recollection of that, but I don't recall any details.

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