Stupid rules

I'm part of a tiny programming group at school but there's a problem.

Last year I used Ubuntu on a VM: editing in Gedit, compiling in terminal. This year they've removed Ubuntu from the VM's OSs, making it impossible to edit or compile code (no IDEs installed, and the school won't let you compile anything on Windows). I've tried booting Linux from a USB but it requires an admin password.

Are there any: (a) ways of getting round these restrictions, (b) places online where I can compile and edit code ?
Why don't you just ask your groups mentor? As a member of the school staff, he ought to know whom to bother best about getting your club back its resources.

If you don't have a mentor, ask any teacher you think will help your cause (but do it one teacher at a time -- don't just go ask everyone at once!) or the staff member who approved your club.

All this presumes you have an officially sanctioned club going. If not, then you will have to make due with things like:

Good luck!
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It's not really a club, it's pretty much just me and the teacher that runs it.

Unfortunately, I don't think my teacher has the authority to change something like this, and our excuse for an IT department might have to get it approved.

Thanks for the links though! I'm keeping those as a fall-back plan in case talking to someone in the IT department doesn't get me anywhere.
These kinds of problems are often straight from the district -- meaning that someone at some point is going to have to appeal to the school district superintendent in order to get authorization to get the software back.

[edit] Meaning, your school's IT department likely has little to nothing to do with it.
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Aah, but I'm in the UK. I've got a feeling it works a bit differently here.
No, pretty much the head of the IT department determines what is allowed to put on the computers and if they deem it malicious in any way they will remove it and block it. I'm guessing someone tried doing something with the Ubuntu on VM and deemed it malicious and blocked it. The IT department head is controlled by the head of the institution too.
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