Wow! never knew until now.

I never knew that there was a language like D. Mann people are so creative.
Not to mention, E, F, G
as well as this little lot:
D is like C++, but easier.
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Go is better than D in my opinion.
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D is like C++, but easier? :-/ Really? I've heard it takes more getting use to over the fact that it blends several syntax into one. My big issue was I kept finding myself trying to learn D, but going into C# coding when making D apps. Though, same happened when I learned C#, kept doing C++ calls in the C# code.
Come on BHXSpecter, we've been through this already.
I know. Still don't consider it easier, but just was mentioning that because I still find myself doing goofs like that. Last night I was planning to write a word jumble program in C++ for my wife when I read this thread. When I started writing it I messed up and did import instead of #include so I had import string vector and iostream etc. After 14+ years of programming off and on I still make what many consider newbie mistakes. Guess it is a good thing though, means I can't get stuck on myself thinking I'm the best there is :).
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It's an opinion whether it is easier or not. I don't think it is easier to be programming then come across a bug in their libraries or compiler because it isn't full matured yet. Having less third party libraries at your disposal as well. Some think garbage collectors are easier but they can still be misused as people don't bother learning how they work and think they can do whatever they like and the GC will have their back (usually java). I don't even see why they added new and delete if they were just going to deprecate them.
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