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Do you have a personal C++ 'dream' project?

Is there a big programming project that you want to complete sometime - but you dont yet have the skills or time to do?

What is the program that you dream of building?
I was thinking something along the lines of an automatic debugger/syntax fixer.
It would read your code and fix all the errors automatically. It's probably not possible but it would be a nice if it was created.
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I plan to build a 3d game engine eventually.... still in the planning and analysis phase though and working with different graphics APIs. I haven't decided if I'm sticking with OpenGL or DirectX, pros and cons to each.
I'm thinking of writing a LOVE program for my girlfriend!
It should be special and UNIQUE!
I have two: an OS kernel, and a 3D game engine (not sure if just the rendering engine or also the entire thing).
Yeah - considering I focus on game programming, I'd love to make my own game engine :)

@cyanglee - Sweet :P
A distributed real-time operating system for robotic devices.
I have about three lifetimes of dream projects, one of which is to write a full-fledged compiler and assembler. (language to be defined by me, as pascal is fairly easy to compile but also mostly useless, and C++ is far too hard for a mere mortal).
I've always wanted to make my contribution to something open source. I have no preference on what it is, as long as it works well.

Project ideas are hard to come up with. We should consider making a consensus and doing a cplusplus.com project, though. Something small...we're all busy people.
I really like the idear of seymore to do some projects with a few people from this forum.

My dreamproject is to create a MMORPG. It should be complelty different from current MMO's, like WoW. All things - from weapons and food to complete cities - should be build and made by players. The focus shouldn't be on training skills and fighting. Groups should be more important. The death of a player would really mean the end of his character.
Of couse, I don't think I'll ever finish or even begin such a huge project, but it's fun to think about :)
My 'dream' project is an interpreter for a language which is as close as possible to 'real' maths.
It's almost done but fixing everything takes a quite a lot of time.
@Scipio - Something like that would be amazing to do. I hope once I finished my game programming studies I end up with a company that is making the next big MMORPG of some sort. Oh well around 2 more years till I'll find out haha.

If you ever start one do let me know :)
I sure will. I would be glad to have you on the team :)

And if you'll ever work with such a company, you'll try to get me in to, won't you? ;)
My personal dream project is to make a program that can do complicated algebra computations and display them nicely on the screen. Also draw some graphics out of it :)

P.S. Also print the computations out to latex format directly for publication >:)
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how about all the people that want to create a game engine combine an try to make one?
I'm thinking of writing a LOVE program for my girlfriend!
It should be special and UNIQUE!

You can borrow mine if you want, I wrote it 20 years ago. Here is the source code:

int main()
if (!married && lonely) findWife();
for (monthsMarried=0; monthsMarried<12; monthsMarried++) 
for (yearsMarried=1; yearsMarried<=6; yearsMarried++)
	numberKids = (int)(yearsMarried/2); 
Mine was to write a 3D Engine. But I've got a fair amount of on developed already (Textures, Input, Networking etc all from scratch).

Nowadays, my dream C++ project is to build an application that can run stand alone, multi-threaded and inter-process running a large markov chain monte carlo. It'd have the ability to recognise dead nodes, and add new nodes part way through to continue the process.

This would allow me to reduce the runtime of an MCMC run from 1 year on our current population model down to around about 6hrs.
@Wretch: Um...

I used to want to write a 3D engine, like Zaita, but also like him, I finished it.

So far, I'm writing a Linux-like OS that would feature a multi-threaded code-like environment. I'm replacing the OS rather than just the desktop environment so that I can implement some other things I found useful and missing at the same time. So far, I'm marveling at Linus Torvald's work. He did so much, I sometimes have trouble deciding where to start.
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I am yet another dreamer of a game engine and have just barely started... An os would be cool or perhaps an internet browser...
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