Hello Fello

Sorry in advanced if this is the wrong place to put this. I can't seem to find an introductory thread or forum.

Anyway I am Acepony. I am on multiple forums because I am trying to find a home for finding friends interested in programming. I not only want to learn C++ but I want to meet new people as well.

I am trying to multy task everyday with the main ones being learning electronics, Programming intigrated circuits in PBP3, and of course computer programming. My actual list is longer but that will be put in my profile eventually.

I have three computers. One is a test dummy for when I tried Ubuntu and a laptop for writing programs in ubuntu, and then My main computer Windos 7.
Yeah your name is boldly written so why the need to introduce yourself?

Ok. This forum is a good place for help in C++ and other languages(maybe through PM's and e-mails)
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Welcome to the boards, Acepony.

There's no need to state your credentials on a new thread, as that's the whole point of a public profile biography. I'm not having a go, I'm just saying, as all :)

Any road, if you have any questions regarding programming in any field, then please, use any of the available boards. Any questions that do not pertain to programming, please, post them in the lounge.

Oh, before I forget: please, use code-tags.

Thanks :)

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yeah.. that is good
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