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Need skilled C++ coder for Castlevania 3 fan game remake

Hi my name is Laslund, and i'm here to find talented C++ coders for a castlevania 3 remake. My buddy Jorge Fuentes has been part of a really awesome and profesionally made 16 bit remake of the game. But he needs your help! His previous coder had abandoned the project some years back due to personal life issues. So he is in need of code help and i've got permission to ask for help. Also i'd like to state that between he,myself and several others all the sprite art for the game is either done or about 95% done. Minor tweaks to spritework may need to be made but that's all. He has already made more than half of the levels. I am part of another project similar to his but our engine in game maker has too many issues with errors and i'm not really a coder,plus it is in gml not C++. Eitehr way here are some videos of his game:

Here are some videos of other charcters for our game we could potentially use:
this one has trevor and sypha(sypha is a female with a hood and cloak and another vampire hunter) the slowdown in the video is do to the recording program:

here is another version of sypha without her hood:

Here are 2 versions of grant(he has been cursed by dracula and come back to reclaim the thrown for his family

line that dracula's family took from them):

SO their are 4 players that need to be implemented and only one is so far in his engine. I can let you view our game make engine if you decide to you wanna help code the C++ game and wanna transfer code it may be easier. We have more done in our engine in terms of some bosses,many enemies, and of course the 4 players.Also game maker 8 pro is the engine that was used for all that. Either way he has a web site forum:http://castlevaniadungeon.net/forums/index.php. If need be i have a working version of his game, and files and all that. I know the game can be opened up in visual studio 2010 edtion. All we ask is that you are adament about completing the project's coding. Their is a possible chance with jorge's permission if the game is made compeltely, that we could try and submit it too konami to see if they pick up the game. I do know someone on youtube who may be able to help contact them, he worked with them back in 99' on a project that sadly got cancelled.Feel free to contact Jorge Fuentes at the above mentioned site and pm him, or contact me at: his site under Laslund, my email pamb28@sbcglobal.net, or skype: PT Ambrose.Well we look forward to you on the team as a coder,thanks for you time! -Laslund-
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So to make this clear, the C++ version of the game is mostly finished and you just need someone to implement a few additional features?
Well no, not exactly. You see the C++ version has a only 1 player it needs all 4(actually possibly 5 if we include a secret player that is unlockable during the game for 2nd quest). As for the enemies and bosses their aren't many done at all. Just skull knight and a handful of enemies. However the good news is we do have those exact same enemies/bosses coded in gml game maker that can be used to transfer over to the C++ engine. I've been sitting down with tutorials lately and realizing how close in nature gml is to C++. Alot is the same just some diffeernt mainstay terminology. Many of the bosses so far are actual ones that are in the nes version. I believe we talked a while ago about putting in non repeat bosses, but i want to check back with him to clarify that if anyone is willing to take on the coding for the project what they'd be, maybe he'd be looking for suggestions. I had at least one good idea but i'll ask him before i say anything more on that. The good news is he has more levels done i believe than the gml engine, and their really kick ass imho. Also the other problem is the gml engine is a glitchy bitch right now. Evertime i do the slightest thing errors pop up and i can't run the game or make adjustments, plus their are slowdown areas in the game. So at this time i'm not sure what to do with it. Me and my buddy Reiko(jorge's friend also) have been searching for C++ coders for a while and busting ass with sprite work too, i somehow didn't think to sign up and post here. I dunno what the hell i was thinking. If you are interested i can upload a demo of his game for you. Plus anyone who is willing to code in the C++ game i am willing to allow use of the gml engine for either refrences or code transfer if need be. Also if multipe C++ coders want to help, like say you have friends, that's cool too. I'm sure he wouldnt mind getting all the help he could. Also i'd run it by him too but in gml engine we have an external player folder which contains multiple skins you can choose from in the option menu. I'll talk it over with jorge but it may not be a bad idea to put transfer that code as well,deeming multiple versions skins of diffrent players. This would give the fan gamers options to pick who they want or even do custom artwork perhaps. I did notice in his engine their are already tiles,backgrouns,etc, that are coded in externally as well.
The current code base poses a bit of a problem (assuming it's the one linked in the videos). The game might need to be rewritten from scratch, as it pretty much lacks any notion of structured (let alone object-oriented) programming. Extending it will be quite a headache, most likely even for the one who originally wrote it.

Another question, does the game use sprites from existing CV games or is it all original artwork?
Ah yeah i kinda see what you mean. Is their anyway to rewrite it but keep the code the same, so the game has the same feel? I understand it could be somewhat unorganized. I would say so long as the code that is their is the same yeah feel free to rewrite and organize how you want. I doubt jorge would care so long as the game plays the same. The only thing i will make note of i realized, is that alot of sprites,etc seem to be externallly linked,plus they have numbers so they may be organized that way. For you last question this game uses sprites from other CV and many custom sprites aswell, we also have custom artwork from our engine that can be used aswell. All in all between the two projects i'd say that 95-100% of the custom artwork needed for the game is done. Everything from the intro film strip all the way to players is complete(i know jorge has a couple he'd been working on, i will check with him on them) At this rate, i know jorge has other levels done further than what he has so i can talk to him. They can easily be put in the game. I know i viewed the code for that i think in the castlevania Chronicles.cpp file. And i'll ask him if he has any extra artwork he has done to put in the game. Feel free to ask any questions at all? I'll do my best to answer.
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