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Detecting slide/touch on an android phone

How can I programatically and accurately detect the touch/slide made by a user's touch on an android phone?

I want this to be used as suppose I have two android devices synced with each other. Both of them have anything opened suppose pdf file, music file video file.

Then if suppose in case of sliding the pdf up or down with the touch on one device, the pdf file on the other device is also updated like the slide process occurs automatically on the other device. I hope that I am able to deliver that am trying to achieve!
Androids SDK is written for Java. The NDK can allow you to write in C but you'll still end up with a Java interface calling the functions in your program.
what does it have to with getting touch and slide details ??
I actually just saw Android and spaced out after that. Now that I apply a minimal amount of thought to it I guess it really doesn't matter. I haven't made a serious run at Android development yet so I'm not sure of the terminology but does Android have something that's the equivalent of File Mapping in Windows?
Like Computergeek01, I haven't made a serious attempt at Android development yet. However, I have seen Android Debug Bridge (ADB) used for some funky stuff* (via a USB link). It may be worth reading around ADB to see what it is capable of.

* funky stuff: The kind of thing 'security researchers' and pen testers do for kicks.
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