Cannot see replies. Cannot reply.

I tried sending this report out, but I failed:



I'm having these two problems recently:

-When I'm replying to a thread, and click the reply button near the text field, I get the "Sending..." message, but nothing happens. Sometimes I have to retype everything twice or three times so it actually appears.

-When I click on a thread, I cannot observe all comments, including mine.

Thanks for the help!




-I cannot "submit" a technical complaint -__-

I hope this gets out to the lounge!
This sounds like a connection issue; pages not loading completely, sending data not going through, etc.

Either the server is lagging (I haven't seen anything like this) or your connection is cutting out/really bad.
Call me crazy, but if he is unable to see any replies, he's not going to see that reply.

Maybe we need to PM him instead of replying to this thread?
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